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DNS Hijack


The Domain Name System

A form of hijack that gained popularity in recent years involves DNS (Domain Name System), the "internet phonebook". Most internet services rely on DNS for accessing services using a meaningful name such as instead of an IP address like

DNS Poisoning

DNS poisoning attacks, also known as DNS spoofing attacks, are a form of hijack targeted at DNS. In a DNS poisoning attack, the attacker changes the information returned by one or more DNS servers, which is akin to having a phone book display the attacker's phone number next to the victim's name. Attacks on this critical internet infrastructure can cause sensitive information to be sent to the wrong address, right into an attacker’s hands.


DNS poisoning attacks have been gaining popularity with a wide range of malicious actors, including sophisticated nation-states. These attacks are powerful and can be tricky to catch since the compromised DNS servers can be halfway around the world in a separate network, affecting only the users of that network.


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