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Dataplane Hijack


A covert IP Hijack

A relatively unknown method of performing hijack attacks involves an attacker intervening in the physical flow of network traffic regardless of the routing (control-plane) decision. These attacks are known as data-plane IP hijack attacks and they are typically performed by compromising network equipment residing at IXPs (Internet Exchange Points).


Compromising the relevant network equipment can provide the attacker with access to any and all information flowing through it. The attacker can leverage this access to gather sensitive information, block it, or even modify it to their needs.


Data-plane IP hijacks are extremely hard to detect since they often do not leave a trail, and cannot be identified by monitoring BGP messages.

Our solution

BGProtect is the only company that offers active data-plane monitoring and analysis by dedicated proprietary algorithms based on decades of research capable of detecting such attacks.
BGProtect’s active data-plane monitoring is tailored to your needs and budget and optionally includes consulting, 24/7 incident response and management, and threat intelligence services for more peace of mind.

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