Protecting Organizations from IP Hijack Attacks

About BGProtect

BGProtect delivers a unique IP hijack detection service. Our service is based on active and passive data plane monitoring of our customers' sensitive IP address space, ensuring its continuous monitoring.


We inform customers, in real-time, about network security and network performance related incidents, and allow them to investigate and mitigate these incidents from our dashboard.

IP Hijack

IP hijacks have become a commonly employed technique by hostile governments and criminal organizations. The attackers impersonate to the victim on the Internet, allowing eavesdropping, recording and manipulating of Internet traffic. The attacker can implement various man-in-the-middle attacks against the attacked organization and its users, even when strong encryption is used.

Any organization connected to the Internet may become the victim of an IP hijack. Government agencies, critical infrastructure companies, financial organizations and other companies that provide external users with access to sensitive information are especially vulnerable.

Our Core
  • State of the art IP Geo Location

  • BGP Type of relationship

  • Distributed Monitoring

  • Network Performance Analysis

Case Studies
  • Global Financial Giant Victim of IP Hijacking ...

  • IP Hijacking Attack Targets Financial Institute in Tel Aviv ...

  • BGProtect Detects IP Hijacking Attack Against US Law Enforcement Agency...