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Companies around the globe transmit tremendous amounts of data over the Internet, some of it containing sensitive data or including confidential information not intended for prying eyes to see. There are many interested groups eager to put their hands on this information. Most companies are aware of these dangers and invest resources and effort in defending themselves from cyber-attacks attempting to gain access into their systems. However, for certain companies a different type of threat can cause serious damage and requires their attention and a comprehensive solution.

For companies that are active in the financial arena, and similarly in the business of online gambling and gaming, the time it takes for information to arrive at its destination is crucial. Frequently, companies are contractually obligated to ensure no customer gets an unfair advantage by receiving information before anyone else. If this happens, they are liable for serious penalties, extortion and customer abandonment.

In the beginning of Sep. 2017, BGProtect detected a probable IP hijack against one of the world’s largest online gambling companies, which provides transaction processing services to the gaming industry in Gibraltar. BGProtect detected that all their traffic going from Amsterdam to Gibraltar was taking a long and suspicious route through Prague and Budapest, before being forwarded to Madrid and then on to Gibraltar. The route was suspicious because the data arrived significantly later than it should and some of these sites happen to be known centers of hacker activity.

By monitoring the connectivity route taken from Amsterdam, we detected that instead of taking the shortest and fastest route to Gibraltar via Paris and Madrid (in orange), it was first diverted to Eastern Europe (in magenta). The Gambling company suffered a significant performance penalty by travelling the longer route, and was exposed to the additional risk that hackers may have wanted to interfere with the data or the network.

Comparison of the delay between the two routes from Amsterdam to Gibraltar

The two routes from Amsterdam to Gibraltar

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