IP Hijacking Case Studies 

IP Hijacking is a serious cyber threat when hackers reroute Internet traffic to their own sites where equipment is installed which helps them in gaining illegal access to traffic and allowing copying, eavesdropping, Man-In-The-Middle attacks and other malicious manipulation of the information, before returning it to the intended recipient. Successful access to Internet traffic also benefits hackers in their efforts to overcome measures put up to prevent penetration into target organizations. The consequences can be seriously damaging, especially since the victims are unaware it is happening.

Attacks on internet traffic are difficult to detect, since damaging intervention occur in extremely short time frames. Only constant monitoring of all your traffic, accurate detection of suspicious routing selections, discovering unexplained fluctuations in delay times and linking abnormal performance to possible hacking behavior can identify all types of hacking attacks on your internet traffic, regardless if they are short term, long term or intermittent.

The BGProtect Solution

Hackers are using IP Hijacking to damage companies, organizations and governments in every way possible, all in complete secrecy. To fight this, BGProtect has installed hundreds of software agents worldwide, collecting immense amounts of data by actively monitoring internet routing in general and routing to customer sites in particular. Utilizing Big Data analytics, proprietary algorithms and a very accurate map of the global Internet infrastructure which we built based on our unique databases of global IP address routers, BGProtect constantly analyzes the routes your data takes, examines potential threats to company internet traffic, looks for potential interference with your communications and scrutinizes the ISPs you work with. Because of our active monitoring, we can detect all types of IP hijack attacks, regardless of the technique used.

What Can Be Done

IP Hijack attacks must be resolved at the ISP level.  Once an IP Hijack attack is determined, BGProtect immediately informs the customer, and, working closely with the customer and the relevant ISPs, takes full responsibility for managing the process until the threat is eliminated. BGProtect keeps the customer constantly updated with the progress and results of our intervention.

BGProtect offers its solution as a SaaS product, so there is no complex integration, no racks of equipment and no additional manpower needed.  Just give us your IP addresses and we’ll do the rest – including managing the mitigation process for you.

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