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May 19, 2014

  • BGP protocol is simple & the same on every router

    • BGP routers relay messages to neighbors about routes

    • Routes are constructed hop-by-hop, beyond the originator’s

• BGP policy is complex, local, & without any global

  • Local policies for accepting, rejecting and propagating routes

  • This is good: Great flexibility to support busine...

BGP hijacking is a well known threat to the Internet
routing infrastructure. There has been considerable interest in
developing tools that detect prefix hijacking but such systems
usually identify a large number of events, many of them being due
to some benign BGP engineering practice or misconfiguration.
Ramachandran et al. [1] and later Hu et al. [2] also correlated
suspicious rout...

October 1, 2013

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is critical to the global internet infrastructure. Unfortunately BGP routing was designed with limited regard for security. As a result, IP route hijacking has been observed for more than 16 years. Well known incidents include a 2008 hijack of YouTube, loss of connectivity for Australia in February 2012, and an event that partially crippled Google in...

The geographical location of Internet IP addresses is important for academic research, commercial and homeland security applications. While commercial databases claim to have a very high level of accuracy, the correctness of their databases is questionable.

Academic tools, based on delay measurements, were shown to have a large range of error. We present a novel algorithm that crawls...

Many Internet events exhibit periodical patterns. Such events include the availability of end-hosts, usage of internetwork links for balancing load and cost of transit, traffic shaping during peak hours, etc. Internet monitoring systems that collect huge amount of data can leverage periodicity information for improving resource utilization. However, automatic periodicity inference is...

The Internet is a complex network, comprised of thousands of interconnected Autonomous Systems. Considerable research is done in order to infer the undisclosed commercial relationships between ASes.

These relationships, which have been commonly classified to four distinct Type of Relationships (ToRs), dictate the routing policies between ASes. These policies are a crucial part in unde...

The control plane of the Internet relies entirely on BGP as the interdomain routing protocol to maintain and exchange routing information between large network providers and their customers. However, an intrinsic vulnerability of the protocol is its inability to validate the integrity and correctness of routing information exchanged between peer routers. As a result, it is relatively...

The major turmoils in the Arab world since the beginning of 2011 were largely driven by social networks and are often referred to as the “Arab Spring.” One of the methods used by rulers to mitigate the unrest is “shutting down” the Internet in their country. In this article we describe active measurements conducted during 2011 of several Arab countries, and analyze the changes in the...

The geographical location of Internet IP addresses is important for academic research, commercial and homeland security applications. Thus, both commercial and academic databases and tools are available for mapping IP addresses to

geographic locations.

Evaluating the accuracy of these mapping services is complex since obtaining diverse large scale ground truth is very hard. In this wor...

—The topology of the Internet has been extensively studied in recent years, driving a need for increasingly complex measurement infrastructures. These measurements have produced detailed topologies with steadily increasing temporal resolution, but concerns exist about the ability of active measurements to measure the true Internet topology. Difficulties in ensuring the accuracy of ev...

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